Our sessions alternate between cardio training on the treadmill and strength training on the Rig. Each individual Rig spot has a landmine, pull-up bar, bench, plates, dumbbells and resistance bands. We focus on different muscle groups each day, in order to give you a perfectly balanced week of training to and achieve optimal results. Our trainers are all fully qualified and selected on their ability to bring a challenging workout with big playlists and even bigger energy.


Head to your booked treadmill. As your trainer will reiterate; we design our runs to be accessible to all levels. You will be given three options for speed; beginners, intermediate or advanced, with the option to scale up or down depending on your own individual capabilities.  You can expect your Run to incorporate Jogs, Runs, Sprints, Tempo, Endurance, Sleds + Parachutes.


Head to your booked Rig space. Your trainer will tell you what equipment you will need and when relevant, three options for which weights to select on the landmines or dumbbells.


Not a runner. No problem. We’ve got you covered. In each Sweat It session, we have 2 spots available for Double Rig. Expect to feel the burn as you will complete each round twice. Exactly what it says on the tin.


While we appreciate you all live busy lives, we strongly advise you stay for the cool down to aid the swift recovery of your muscles and lower your chances for injury. If you are unable to stay for the cool-down, please inform your trainer as you enter the studio and in consideration of your session mates, please book yourself into Run/ Rig 1-9.